Empowering our customers and clients with innovative
products, creative and tactical solutions, and complete idea
to consumer services. We do this through our mastery of
advanced R&D, design, branding and go-to-market strategies.
Consultants, Designers, Visionary Realists
Our Business Model
   Ortiz Industry is a full service front end solution provider, with proof of concept capabilities at consumer level. By being quick to market with innovative products and product creation solutions, we are able to penetrate new emerging markets, build customers’ confidence and drive new growth opportunities.
Design & Development
GTM Support
• Execute against learnings
• Attention on emotional &
  connected product design
• Commercializable ideation
• Dynamic fit engineering
• Technical specifications
• Prototyping to product
• Pre-production planning
• Fitting and size sets
• Consumer validation and
  account feedback
• Market & distribution
• Competitive SWOT
• Sales training and tools
• Retail reality market  
• Product pricing, margin  
• B2B network and
  customer service
• Retail design
• Naming convention
• Development of mission/      
  vision, tone/voice
• Logo/trademark design
• Equity identifiers: corporate  
  color and typography
• Labels trims & packaging
• Art direction, photography,
  brand look & feel
• Communication tools
• Website design
• Marketing/social media plan
• Consumer/trend
  forecasting and insights
• Apparel market business
  and trend analysis
• Product innovation:
  advanced concepts,
  materials, engineering
• Strategic alliance nominator
• Certification/lab testing
• Idea to consumer process
• R&D roadmap