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Seasonal Brand Collateral: Morocco

Art Direction: Behind the scenes

We’ve managed, art directed, and organized shoots with huge budgets as well as some with nearly no budget at all. Regardless, our standards are the same.
Sometimes you have to bring Morocco to Michael Jordan. For this shoot, we did just that. We compiled a team of set builders to recreate our own Morocco inside of a warehouse in Chicago. The effect was visually stunning (and convenient).

Packaging: Hangtags & Labels

Trade Show Booth: Magic

A tradeshow booth like this at Magic, with this large a footprint has to serve many purposes. Not only do we need to set the stage to tell the story of the brand, housed within are VIP lounges, multiple sales rooms and PR spaces. 
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Apparel Graphics

Once the concept for the season is set, exploring graphic patterns and color options for embroideries, prints and labels becomes a rich dive into the inspiration. Here, we took our cues from both the intricate historical tile work and minimalist architectural forms.