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Meet The Founders
The Back Story
Claire and Heather met at a dinner party 16 years ago when they were both working at Nike. As most good stories begin, a few weeks later they were surprised to find that they had both been working on making a move to Brand Jordan.
They would spend the next 5 years building the Jordan apparel line from the ground up as well as concepting and creating the Jordan Two-3 line of fashion.
Since then the two have continued to work together on substantial apparel, marketing and branding initiatives for numerous large corporations.
Claire Ortiz is CEO and Founder of the Innovation Incubator, Ortiz Industry, Inc. For more than 25 years, Claire has built infrastructure and led teams in startup environments and global corporations like Nike, Wilson and Underarmour. She has garnered a reputation for her entrepreneurial edge and ability to transform brands into major revenue generators.
As Global Creative Director at Nike, Claire was hired by basketball legend Michael Jordan to turn Brand Jordan Apparel into a success. She carved out distribution channels and partnerships across the U.S., Asia and Europe that took the business from $15 million in 2000 to $128 million in 2005. Revenues tripled in 2003 alone. She also led creative and product campaigns for more than 100 NBA, NCAA and NFL teams, and over 2,500 world-class Nike athletes during the 2008 Olympics.
Before starting Ortiz Industry, Claire launched the entire apparel and footwear vertical as the Global Business Director for Wilson Sporting Goods. In just two years, revenues hit $18 million and signed 18 professional Tour players. As UnderArmour’s Global Business and Creative Director prior to that, Claire led a design effort that increased apparel revenues across multiple product categories.
Claire’s design background matches her entrepreneurial expertise. She is a self-taught designer who created and sold her own successful label, Smoke Street Couture, in her early 20s. At 26, she was hired on by the founder of Esprit Des Corps to be Director of Design, heading the design of all women’s products in the U.S. and increasing revenues from $160 million to $400 million within two years. She also led creative and product development at Eddie Bauer and AirWalk, working with Tony Hawk as a young phenom, as well as brands like VH1 and MTV.
As a respected apparel-industry executive and proven veteran, Claire is a highly sought after speaker and consultant, with clients like MagicSourcing, SPG, Babolat, Tennis Warehouse, Men Chuen Fibre, as well as numerous schools and businesses.
Claire Ortiz
Founder, CEO
"They say ignorance is bliss. It never occurred to me that I would fail. My mother used to say, 'you can’t fall off the floor'. I educated myself, learned as much as I could given what was accessible, surrounded myself with people who were force multipliers, and made sure that I could
never be out-worked.
Heather Park is a founding partner of Ortiz Industry. As Brand Vice-President, Park provides leadership across the branding and operational spectrum, from strategic planning and partnerships to operations. True to the company’s startup culture, Park also brings her two decades of graphic design and branding experience to bear on Ortiz Industry’s day-to-day design communication.
Park began her career at Nike in the Brand Design division, where she worked for 3 years on a diverse range of projects from footwear and apparel graphics to print and multi-media. In 1999, she was named to the team entrusted with creating a new brand around the company’s most valuable asset, and as head of apparel graphics was instrumental in extending the core attributes of the Air Jordan footwear line into a fully realized apparel concept that today boasts annual revenue over $2 billion.
Heather Park joins Ortiz Industry from Scenic, the award winning Portland brand design agency she founded in 2006, where she helped shape national and global branding efforts for companies in a range of industries, including hospitality, environmental consulting, furniture, retail, and a multitude of athletic brands including New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Wilson and more.
Heather is an alumna of Punahou School in Honolulu and a graduate of the University of Oregon.
Heather Park
Founder, VP Brand
"We've spent a lot of time studying people in every kind of neighbor-hood and city in the world. We are as much researchers and sociologists as we are designers. Studying human nature is a critical part of being a good designer. We saw a need and we also needed it solved for ourselves.