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Seasonal Brand Collateral: Respect The Past | Own The Future

Art Direction: Behind the scenes

We’ve managed, art directed, and organized shoots with huge budgets as well as some with nearly no budget at all. Regardless, our standards are the same.
For this shoot we had two courts going simultaneously: one shooting film and the other video. Professional athletes are short on time, so a detailed plan communicated with the entire crew, as well as the athletes and their handlers was imperative to pulling it off. (There was also a desert sand storm that blew through.)

Packaging and Apparel Graphics

Here is where all of our research on color trends and graphics go one step further to being created and thoughtfully executed specifically for the brand. Just because something is a fashion trend does not mean it’s right for every brand. This is where the designer’s discernment and deep understanding of their brand’s consumer is a
critical filter.